Ted Griffin

Graphic Design




Web Design

Hi I'm Ted, I was born and raised here in Seattle.
I enjoy wireframing, illustrating, branding, and cold pizza.
In my spare time I like to paint, collect intriguing items, travel, and read.

Naked Lunch redesign

A redesign of one of my favorite books, William S. Burroughs' classic, "Naked Lunch". My objective was to capture and interpret the disjointed, hallucinogenic feel of the book's non-linear plot.

Poster Redesign

Tasked with redesigning a found poster, I chose to juxtapose the militant, rugged nature of the original poster with an orderly Swiss layout.

NxNW Winery redesign

The web-based portion of a NxNW Winery rebranding project featuring a responsive, intuitive design that conveys the strong character and quality of NxNW products.