Seiji Pulmano

Graphic Design

Interactive Design



I am a Seattle-based graphic designer with a focus on UI/UX and digital media. I strongly believe in the creative process and that functionality should always trump design.


A motion graphics project done in Adobe After Effects and Premiere. The project was inspired by how the perceptions of individuals differ from from one another.


This UI/UX project focused on creating an easy-to-use interface for users on a treadmill. By defining the audience, creating task flows and wireframes, and doing user testing — I was able to break down information into a clean, simple design.

Jekyll and Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" is filled with mystery and horror. In developing the book design, it was important to convey the themes of the book with not only the cover, but also the typography and page layout without compromising readability.