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I grew up near the Skagit River. I moved to Seattle while still young to study poetry at the UW. Years later, and much less young, I still crave new ways to communicate. With a lot of diligence and curiosity; I've nurtured my passions, honed my skills, and fallen in love again.

UMU Health and Beauty

UMU is a bright and appealing new brand that could hold its own in the Natural Health and Beauty aisle.


A design blog. Ashlee Hunter and I created Sidewaffles out of our desire to focus on readability and simplicity. A fully functional CMS site that keeps the clutter hidden and the content up front.

Northland Marine Transportation Services

One of the larger cargo companies in this region serving Alaskan and Hawaiian ports—areas that rely on container shipping. Northland needed a complete identity redesign to represent it as a national competitor as well as a familiar regional fixture.