Roxie Torres

Graphic Design


Front End Development

Interactive Design

Coding, Kerning, and Spoken Word excite me. Writing used to be my creative outlet until design took over my life. These days I daydream in echoes, functions, and the letter “x” in the typeface Syntax.

Washington Asian Pacific Islanders Community Services (WAPI)

This WAPI rebrand consists of: logo, stationery, ephemera, and web design/development. The visuals created are engaging towards API youth and communicate that WAPI is an established non-profit for potential donors and grants. The collateral that comes with this rebrand echo the services that WAPI provides and reflects the urban atmosphere within its community.

Firefly Tutoring

Firefly Tutoring branding/identity consists of a logo, stationery, signage, web design/development, promotional video and other collateral.

Swallows & Daggers

Swallows & Daggers is a blog that focuses on traditional and neo-traditional tattooing, promoting both well-known and emerging tattooers. (I worked as Front-End Developer)