Randy Phillips

Graphic Design



Environmental Design


My background in dance performance, set design, and costume design lends a unique perspective and collaborative nature to my design work. Attending the Graphic Design program at SCCA has given me the tools to bring my distinctive sensibilities to fruition through physical and visual design.

Jerk Soda

Jerk soda is a fictional brand developed for a final packaging assignment. Jerk appeals to both young and old generations, bringing back classic fountain flavors, nostalgia, and a li'l twerp to whom everyone can relate.

Vis-à-Vis Society

The Vis-à-Vis Society is a performance group made up of two of the founding members of Typing Explosion. Using Overhead Projectors and Mad Men-era class, these two women create art, poetry, and music through survey and scientific method. The new logo embodies all of these elements.


PIE is a local eatery that specializes in baking personal, hand-sized sweet and savory pies. The new logo incorporates the warm sense of community and sharing associated with pie. It also brings emphasis to the company's strong social business model, which is underutilized in the current logo.