Naomi Jumping Eagle

Graphic Design

Front End Development


Interactive Design

My mother was a designer, my father is a tattooer — and I fell somewhere in between. With a little bit of dev knowledge, and a lot of graphic design, my skill set is constantly growing, and I’m excited to create as many new things as I can.

Baltimore Bandits

A rebrand of the late Baltimore Bandits hockey team and development of their website. The logo supports the team's tough image and reputation for "stealing" wins while the website features an elegant solution for the amount of information that is needed on a hockey team's site.


An identity and packaging design for Grizzly barbeque sauce. Grizzly's rough texture and smokey aroma is great for any meal. The label reflects the rich taste and rugged nature of the average consumer.

Swallows & Daggers

A blogazine rebrand of the popular site, Swallows & Daggers. The online zine features articles from upcoming tattoo artists, important news directed to the industry, and products. The rebrand focuses on younger audiences and the ever-growing industry.