Nancy Snyder

Graphic Design



Web Design

I'm originally from the Northwest (a small farm in Oregon). The hard work ethic I learned on the farm carries over into my design process. It is thrilling for me to watch a design idea grow from a thumbnail sketch to a finished product and see it expand to other platforms.

The Museum of Flight Rebranding

A class rebranding project that included company research to create a logo that evoked flight. A sans serif typeface was used to keep the look contemporary while the angle and the swooping "f" in the word "flight" projects the concept of taking off. The brand is represented here as a responsive web design.

Clare Beckett Guild Wine Label

Client work. A custom label for wine that was sold at an auction to raise money for Seattle Children's. The label symbolizes a happy day with swirling imagery such as one might see in the clouds or rippling water. It also portrays youth, energy, and fun.

Outside Magazine Redesign

A redesign to give Outside magazine a less cluttered feel and allow it to breathe. The masthead was given a strong look with a bold, serif typeface and soft, muted tones were used throughout for a moody look. This was a class assignment.