Matt Nyce

Graphic Design

Interactive Design

Motion Graphics

Web Design

I am a visual designer especially interested in creating web and mobile experiences. My strengths include motion graphics, visual storytelling, and ideation. My background includes touring in punk bands and a BA in Marketing. I once served lunch to Charlton Heston and MC Hammer, but not at the same time.

Verellen Amplifiers

Designed logo and branding to reposition a small boutique amplifier company to more effectively target a mainstream consumer base while maintaining the loyalty of current customers.
Created responsive website that highlights unique custom-built product and an impressive list of customers.
Logo features a resistor in negative space which is a common feature on tube amplifier schematics.

Tartan Creative Website

Our group was tasked with creating a website that conveyed an aura of expertise, exclusivity, and excellence for a strategic design and consulting firm located in Seattle. I was responsible for translating comps into code using HTML5, CSS, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.

"Hello Frustration" by Wimps

Created and executed video concept for a song titled "Hello Frustration" by the Wimps. Utilized various traditional animation techniques, After Effects, Premier, and Photoshop to create graphic and text movements. Final product premiered via national media website.