Krispijn Larrison

Graphic Design


Print Design

Web Design

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and have an extensive background in art, theater, and music.
I believe in a user-centered world, where the audience is the art director and we are all each other’s clients.

Full Tilt Ice Cream

I was thrilled at the idea of re-branding Full Tilt Ice Cream, my favorite Seattle-based ice cream and pinball parlor. My goal was to design a solution that captured the fun attitude of this fast-growing company, while elevating their brand to reach a potential national audience.

Apex 2013 Fashion Portfolio Show

Each year, the graduating students from Seattle Central’s apparel design program showcase their work in a fashion portfolio show. This poster was chosen to promote this year’s show. I explored the meaning of the word “apex”, and incorporated familiar garment-making materials and techniques into my design.


"The goal of this team project was to create a responsive website that delivered a unified user experience across all web browsers and devices. As the developer, I was responsible for building the site based on wireframes and design comps, and for ensuring that all technical aspects of the site functioned correctly.

Collaboration with Peter Brand and Brandy Collins"