Katarina Countiss

Graphic Design


Art Direction


Interactive Design

I am Katarina Countiss, a graphic design student. I like blogs, games, art, and technology. I am curious about how things are made. I currently live in Seattle.

Brighton School Identity

This identity is designed to be friendly, optimistic, and contemporary. Using orange as the main color, Brighton School’s mark has added mnemonic value.

Lecture Poster

The assignment: Create a 15”x 20” poster for The Science of Nature, a potential scientific lecture, inspired by the textures/patterns created by each element to showcase the reoccurring patterns in nature. I brainstormed, thinking about the juxtaposition created by the lecture’s title: glory and horror. I thought about the ocean’s relationship to blood. I conveyed that connection with color.

Rising Steel, an Architecture Game

Collaborators: Martin Rincon, Trevor Heringer and Dmitriy Khatayevich.
This is a Start-Up Weekend Project. My collaborators and I spent three days making a viable product to show investors. Some of the tasks involved: creating the interface, discussing gameplay, and coming up with a business model.