Justin Schmauser





Fine Art

I am an architectural and abstract photographer with 11 years of photography experience. Through my work I strive to showcase the unique qualities of every space. All of my images are shot with technical and aesthetic precision using angles and techniques that show off the best qualities of each design.

Seattle Library - Douglass-Truth Branch Exterior

Taken on assignment for the Library System to showcase the changes to every library branch since the "Libraries For All" construction projects in the mid-00's. Angle was chosen to show the facade of both the original building and the new addition.

Sound Kitchen and Bath - Mercer Island Kitchen

Shot for local interior design company to showcase one of their most modern designs. Glossy cabinets and counter tops mesh perfectly with new stainless steel appliances, zebra wood accents, and a pearlescent backsplash.

Woodsong Inc. - Cabin Home Exterior

Shot for a custom home-building company in the San Juan Islands, this is the cabin-esque home of the company owners. The warmth of the interior provides an inviting contrast to the coolness of the exterior just after dusk.