Joyce Hwang

Graphic Design


Interactive Design


One sunny day, I graduated from the University of Washington with an Art History degree. I soon realized that I did not want to become a curator or professor and that a forever-cubicle job would make me very sad. I am grateful for graphic design. I like Japanese Bobtail cats.

The Wing

The Wing Luke Asian Art Museum — shortened to The Wing in 2010 — is the only pan-Asian Pacific American community-based museum in America. This rebranding of the museum focuses on its emphasis of community and culture while taking into account its desire to appear modern, established, and relevant.


DORADO specializes in unique dark chocolate blends. Different Aztec deities champion different flavors, packing a colorful punch to go with the decadent and adventurous sweet.

Trader Joe's Mobile App

Trader Joe's is known for its store brand products, being casual, and being accessible — an alternative to run-of-the-mill chain grocery stores. The mobile app enables customers to look up product information with ease and add products to customizable lists. It also locates stores and shows how busy a store may be at that time.