Jose Valencia

Graphic Design

Art Direction


Web Design

I was originally born in Peru, but I’ve lived in Seattle for 6 years. After two years at SCCA, I have a greater understanding of the importance of visual communication and problem solving. My work relies mainly on sketching. My other hobbies include soccer, writing, and reading Spanish novels.

Buswrap advertising for SCCC

I created this project, the creation of an ad for the college, in colaboration with a photography student. I came up with the idea of a buswrap that would be displayed on the buses that stop at SCCC. "This bus takes you there. To your future career."

UMA Clinic

This project consisted of creating a website built in WordPress with a responsive theme and creating a layout for different devices: smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

Sobre unas cartas

I had the opportunity to print my first novel, design a book jacket, develop the interior layout, and bind it together using a hard cover. Now I'm ready to publish it over the summer.