Jessie Cunningham

Graphic Design


Print Design

Web Design

I love visual design. Whether it comes in the form of web, mobile, or print, it doesn't matter. The reason I love design is the process: taking an idea, distilling it down to its essence, and then presenting it as a visual solution. It makes me tick.

House & Home Magazine

A re-design of House & Home Magazine, a publication which offers insights into the latest trends in household styles. The use of soft colors and organic textures gives the design a modern feeling, but still feels natural along side the rustic content of the article.

Alaska Marine Lines

An identity re-brand and website re-design for the shipping company, Alaska Marine Lines. The website presents clear information hierarchy without any unnecessary clutter and uses a responsive framework so that the site can be viewed in any browser on any device.

Italy by Bike Brochure

An informational brochure designed for the ABT Italy Tours agency, that highlights three bicycle tour vacation packages. The vibrant colors, textures, and hand drawn illustrations bring a human touched quality to the design evoking a feeling of richness and flavor, not unlike the beautiful regions advertised in the brochure.