Jenna Abts

Graphic Design


Interactive Design

Print Design

I began as a self-taught graphic designer and globe trotter. Before entering the Seattle Central Creative Academy to hone my skills and learn new ones, I studied art in Rome, Japan, and Minnesota. Let me use my inquisitive mind and fine illustration talent to help you tackle effective communication from a variety of angles.

American History Magazine

Redesign of "American History Magazine". Desired audience is the young adult history enthusiast, which translated into dynamic images and clean, direct typography.

Illustrated Posters

A collection of original illustrated posters.
Left: Created for Seattle Central's smoke-free campus campaign.
Center: Rodeo promotional poster.
Right: Fusion opera poster, rock-opera.


Created as part of an assignment to re-imagine Target's existing app or create a new app that enriches the user's brand experience. The focus was visual shopping and the ability of the user to personally curate their own collection of Target clothes and goods. The user could also create a unique look which they could then share with friends. In collaboration with Randy Phillips.