Jedd Olmstead

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I was born and raised in the suburbs of Seattle. My work is often inspired by the same interests that shaped me: skateboarding, photography, nature, technology, art, music, and urban youth culture as a whole. I prefer design that is both functional and fun, logical and creative, minimal yet dynamic.

Trader Joe's

An app I designed for Trader Joe's customers with special dietary needs, although it could benefit anyone who cares about what is put into his or her body. It allows users to quickly scan, search, browse, save, and share detailed information on items and recommends new, relevant products.

Seattle Theatre Group

A simplified and contemporary rebranding of the Seattle Theatre Group, a non-profit which keeps 3 historic theatres in Seattle alive and vibrant. The logo can be used in a variety of bright, high-contrast colors and orientations, giving it added flexibility while keeping things nice and professional.

Crystal Castles Vinyl Boxset

A 3-album vinyl box set with booklet for the band Crystal Castles. This piece is highly conceptual, creating a visual metaphor for the band and the progression of their sound, while maintaining the look and feel of their strong aesthetics.