Jacky Adelstein

Graphic Design


Art Direction


Web Design

I grew up on a farm in Missouri, where there was a lot of time to be creative. My path here wasn’t always direct — I swayed all the way from the service industry to architecture. I’m very happy it led me here. Designing stuff is really fun.

Roxy's Restaurants

Roxy’s Restaurant is a new company working to establish neighborhood restaurants throughout Seattle. The simple, clean, and “not too stuffy” logo speaks of their company’s culture and works as a design starting point for the identities of their individual restaurants. The web site is clean, easy to use and responsive.


Divide// is a new strategic design and consulting firm in Seattle that is dedicated to helping companies promote their products and services within the emerging mobile environment. This one page, clean and responsive site quickly establishes them as serious competition to industry leaders.
Designed in collaboration with Kylee Abbot and Andrew Wilbur.

Jackalope Safety Matches

Jackalope Safety Matches are a redesign of the box of matches we all have hidden in the back of our kitchen drawers. The unconventional shape allows a bigger striking surface, while the design borrows it’s aesthetic from the tradition of graphically pleasing covers. It is meant to be on display.