Hannah Small

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Hello! I am a graphic designer and scientific illustrator with many interests; my freelance work has ranged from magazine layouts to pet portraits. I have a biology and illustration degree from Evergreen State paired with a UW Extension Natural Science Illustration certificate, which adds strength to the technical skills I've developed during SCCA’s Graphic Design & Illustration program.

Inva Mula

Nerd Alert! When asked to create a poster featuring an opera singer in a Seattle bar I immediately jumped to my favorite opera reference: Diva Plavalaguna from sci-fi cult classic "The Fifth Element". This remains one of my favorite designs to date.

The Box Poster

A screenprinted poster inspired by one word, "box". In this case, a design of Schrodinger's Cat suspended between two realities is styled off of playing cards.

Emerge Studio Website

A responsive, multipage web design project for a fictional design studio. Collaboration between Jenna Abts (Creative Director), Beth Hammer (Designer), and myself as Developer.