David Edwards

Graphic Design





I was that child growing up who always had a pen in his hand. While that hasn’t changed (I carry a micron .005 these days), my tools have broadened. I now work with mobile and print design, and am looking forward to a career I will always enjoy.

Go Local

Go Local is an app designed for the traveler who doesn’t want to get stuck in tourist traps. It creates opportunities for the user to explore what the locals do in any given city.

Silver Cloud Branding

Silver Cloud Inns is a hotel located primarily here in Washington. I took the opportunity to freshen up the appearance and make the website easier to use.


"Seek" is a wayfinding project I based on Lake Union, but could be expanded to any city. The project covers every aspect of design from buoys and signage to communication to a website. "Seek" explores the ability to make any place easy to navigate.