Daniel Morales

Graphic Design


Art Direction

Print Design


I am a graphic design student who has done a variety of work from traditional print design to UI/UX. I work with type, color, and layout to solve visual problems. My interests are music, motion graphics, and lettering.

Tidal Power

This poster was made for a fictitional lecture series. For this assigment we were encouraged to use and be inspired by a texture. The texture I chose was a QR code.

Target List

List is an app made to help ease and enhance the Target customer's shopping experience. It lets users create and share lists and also provides them with an in-store map to help make their shopping experience more efficient. This app also showcased special deals that may be going on at Target.

Dirty Loops

For this project we worked with a photographer. Our role was to art direct the photo shoot. Careful planning and execution created this album art.