Brandy Collins

Graphic Design

Interactive Design



I like long road trips to nowhere and spontaneous adventures in my personal life because in my work life I am focused and task driven to produce successful results. BUT I love when the two worlds collide to give me spontaneous creative solutions at work and design inspiration in life.

GLOBAL CITIZEN// app redesign

PURPOSE - To educate users and encourage them to get involved with awareness campaigns that focus on helping to end extreme global poverty.

CHALLENGE - The app contains a large amount of content. All content is meant to be accessed from any point during the UX. Get users to take action.

SOLUTION - Redevelop the app map to integrate side navigation. Focus on making the action items easy to access and obvious to the user.

FRESHBOOKS // app design

PURPOSE - Bookkeeping on the go for small businesses.

CHALLENGE - They currently offer a wide range of services on their website and allow customer accounts to be customized through "ad-ons". The app needed to sync with the online accounts in a simplified way.

SOLUTION - Only include their most used services within the app. Use push notifications upon opening to offer a sync with customizations that were made previously to their online account.

BLUE MOON BURGERS// branding & responsive website

Complete rebranding solutions package for a local hamburger chain with three current locations. Each location is in a "hip" part of town. They focus on locally sourced products that are prepared fresh daily. They offer choices beyond burgers as well as a featured burger of the month.

The entire project included: logo, stationary, graphic standards manual, product packaging & a mobile first responsive website.