Blaine Nonthaveth

Graphic Design




"You're probably thinking, "How is his name pronounced?" Well, it's non-tuh-vet. Already we're working together! I love collaboration with a team and enjoy the thoughtful process it takes to develop a creative solution. I always design for the user first."

Kane County Cougars

A rebranding for the Kane County Cougars Minor League Baseball team. This new logo concept represents a proud, aggressive, and confident team. The simple logo design makes it easy for reproduction on web, print, and merchandise.

Jetstart Travel App

Jetstart is an iPhone mobile travel app. It takes booking confirmation emails and parses them into itineraries. Geolocation provides a map of every major airport for navigation. Notification alerts are provided when there are delays and travel updates. The drop-down accordion menu allows for quick access to information.

Spencer Paint Company

This logo and packaging design of Spencer Paint Company gives the brand a simplified look and feel. The combination of bold color and typography is used to project the quality and assurance of the product.