Ashlee Hunter

Graphic Design


Front End Development

Web Design

Growing up in Idaho, and then Montana I spent most of my time either playing music or making art. Like many people, I caught the design bug when I started to create posters and merchandise for personal musical projects. I get excited about design because I enjoy solving problems, and finding new ways to visually communicate ideas. | Responsive Wordpress Site

I was lucky enough to create a website for Designer and Illustrator, Frida Clements. It has been a blessing to work with such a talented professional to create a site that fulfills her business needs as well as communicates her visual style and personality. I created a responsive one-page Wordpress site that makes it easy for customers and future clients to access her work. The Wordpress format allows Frida to update and add projects easily.

Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra | Branding

The Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra serves over 1,500 students each year with four full orchestras, three summer festival programs, and extensive partnerships with local public schools. When creating an identity for the SYSO I was inspired by the energy and excitement of students collaborating, as well as the textures and moods created by the interaction of the individual instruments.

Costco Express | App Concept

Costco Express is an app that allows Costco customers to make, save, and share shopping lists. Customers can also check out through the app in store, or schedule a will-call pickup for greater convenience. Items are added to any list by a text search, scanning a barcode, or taking a picture. Perfect for small business owners, busy families, or anyone who wants to avoid crowds.