Annie Grandon

Graphic Design



Web Design

Lover of all things creative, I appreciate things with style and simplicity. My interests lie in mobile UI design, web design, fashion, and film. I have a sewing background and have enjoyed creating in many forms for much of my life.

QuickStop Mobile App

QuickStop was created to meet the needs of any Home Depot shopper. The app will turn the stress of a shopping trip into an interactive challenge that rewards the user. The app was designed to be clean and functional with the most user-friendly navigation possible.

Apparel Design Program Portfolio

This is the first-ever portfolio website for Seattle Central’s Apparel Design Program. Fashion design has a special place in my heart so I wanted this program to have a place to display their beautiful work. This responsive Wordpress site includes a home page, student page, show info page, and a personal page for each student.

Dharma Bums Book Design

The "Dharma Bums" cover redesign was inspired by the book’s rich visuals and exciting storyline. This cover creates a sense of curiosity and adventure that hints to the reader what they are about to experience.